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What you get as part of CE’s JEE Advanced Test Series?

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    Conceptual Clarity

    The test series ensures that your concepts are cleared at every stage of your learning and testing process.

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    Accurate Calibration & Content

    The content of the test series is regularly updated with the latest trend of questions. Our testing methods are standardized.

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    Official Test Format Mocks

    The test series are designed in accordance to the official JEE Advanced exam pattern. The test series will serve as a simulation of the actual exam.

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    Detailed Analytics

    The detailed analytics shows the whole segregation of marks, according to topic wise and course wise. Take a look at the explanations of the answers and analyze your performance.

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    SWOT Analysis

    Get the analysis of the areas of study where you need to improve along with the personalized Assessment Reports after every test. Get a review regarding your attempt of each and every question.

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    Wide spectrum coverage

    The test series is useful as a practice session for other engineering exams as well.

Learn from the Best Teachers

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    Rajan Aggarwal

    (Faculty (Physics) )

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    Amit Singh

    (Faculty (Higher Mat )

  • 1568181250.jpg

    Himanshu Gupta

    (Faculty (Mathematic )

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    Avinash Singh

    (Faculty (English) )

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer?

Classroom Coaching Programme, Study Material, Test Series, Free Prep. Test

How to reach your premises?

That's very easy. Our office is located near Nirman Vihar Metro Station. Nirman Vihar metro station is located on blue line.

Why choose CE’s JEE Advanced Test Series?

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    Get set before the D-day

    Your performance in the test series will determine your progress before the actual due date of the exam.

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    Detailed performance Analysis

    Our analysis of your performance in the test series will serve as a reality check for you and help you to improve.

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    Personalize your strategies

    Frame out your own strategies to crack IIT JEE Advanced after consultation sessions with our JEE experts.

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The test series will teach you time management along with other nitty-gritties to ace IIT JEE Advanced

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