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What you get as part of CE’s JEE Main Coaching Classes?

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    Doubt Resolution

    With CLEAR EXAM, none of your academic doubts will remain unresolved. Periodic doubt classes provide a one to one interaction for students to improve on their weak areas.

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    Smart Study Material

    Carefully curated and scientifically prepared study material to ensure comprehension of even the most difficult topics. The focus is on the explanation of core application of the concept using carefully chosen questions with step-wise solutions.

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    Faculty Experts

    All classes are conducted by a team of highly experienced, very competent full-time faculty members selected after a systematic & objective selection and training process; guiding students throughout their time in academics.

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    Board Preparation

    A carefully designed curriculum which ensures that students have a great grasp over the fundamentals, helping them with their Boards along with the competitive exams.

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    Periodic Assessments

    Encompasses Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) and Periodic Tests, specially designed to assess the student's self-understanding of a concept.

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    Optimum Batch Size

    We don't believe in cramming students into oversized batches. Our prime focus is on providing a personalised attention, facilitating proper student-faculty interaction to ensure a conducive yet competitive learning environment for our students.

Learn from Best Teachers

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    Rajan Aggarwal

    (Faculty (Physics) )

  • 1568180758.jpg

    Amit Singh

    (Faculty (Higher Mat )

  • 1568181250.jpg

    Himanshu Gupta

    (Faculty (Mathematic )

  • 1568181318.jpg

    Avinash Singh

    (Faculty (English) )

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer?

Classroom Coaching Programme, Study Material, Test Series, Free Prep. Test

How to reach your premises?

That's very easy. Our office is located near Nirman Vihar Metro Station. Nirman Vihar metro station is located on blue line.

Why choose CE’s JEE Main Coaching Classes?

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    Full time Mentorship

    Engage in smart study with our smart faculty. They will resolve all your doubts.

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    Trusted Testing Tools

    Enroll in our test series and track your daily progress.

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    Most Reliable Results

    Our promulgation of our results forms the basis of our credibility.

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