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What you get as part of CE’s JEE Main Study Material?

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    Detailed Theory Portion

    Here, none of your academic doubts will remain unresolved. Periodic doubt classes provide a 1 on 1 interaction for students to improve on their weak areas.

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    Solved Examples and In-Chapter Exercises

    Descriptive and illustrated explanations are provided to ensure students internalize the core concepts

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    Objective Worksheets

    Consolidates all the important concepts of the chapter through selective questions graded as per the level of difficulty, application and pattern of JEE.

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    School/Board Notes

    Exhaustive notes on Chemistry, Physics and Maths are provided to students to help them in their schools in Class 11th and 12th

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    Revision Package

    Curated with the intention of saving time and facilitating last minute revision to the students.

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    Other Engineering Entrance Exams Material

    Comprehensive set of practice papers and previous year papers for exams like JEE and other state engineering exams is provided to students.

Learn from the Best Teachers

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    Rajan Aggarwal

    (Faculty (Physics) )

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    Amit Singh

    (Faculty (Higher Mat )

  • 1568181250.jpg

    Himanshu Gupta

    (Faculty (Mathematic )

  • 1568181318.jpg

    Avinash Singh

    (Faculty (English) )

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer?

Classroom Coaching Programme, Study Material, Test Series, Free Prep. Test

How to reach your premises?

That's very easy. Our office is located near Nirman Vihar Metro Station. Nirman Vihar metro station is located on blue line.

Why choose CE’s IIT JEE Main Study Package?

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    Compendium of the best resources

    The enrolled students will get a comprehensive study package. It is a compendium of the best resources put together after much toil by our experienced subject experts.

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    A Product of Accuracy

    The study material has been meticulously designed and is a product of excellence. It stands out in terms of accuracy and is regularly updated in accordance with the trending exam pattern.

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    Reliable and to-the-point

    We encompass the questions and the topics which hold a high probability of coming in the exams. The conceptual content is in a language which is comprehensible by one and all.

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