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What you get as part of CE’s DULLB Coaching Classes?

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    Doubt Resolution

    Your queries provide us an insight. Feel free to pour away. As our faculty is always here to help you out with all your doubts, whenever and wherever you need it.

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    Smart Study Material

    Our in-depth study material is in perfect sync with our classroom sessions. Our comprehensive study material is created by experts after thorough research to help you prepare better.

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    Faculty Experts

    We have Supreme Court lawyers and DU teachers as our faculty to give you conceptual clarity. With their help, you can retain even the most difficult of topics. Come and learn from their experience.

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    Periodic Assessments

    Know your periodic progress with our periodic tests and assignments. Track your performance and work on your weak areas.

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    Limited Batch Strength

    We believe in facilitating student-faculty interaction. And this way, our teachers get to provide each student with individual attention. Hence the limited batch size.

Learn from Best Teachers

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    Rajan Aggarwal

    (Faculty (Physics) )

  • 1568180758.jpg

    Amit Singh

    (Faculty (Higher Mat )

  • 1568181250.jpg

    Himanshu Gupta

    (Faculty (Mathematic )

  • 1568181318.jpg

    Avinash Singh

    (Faculty (English) )

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose CE’s DU LLB Coaching Classes?

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    Full time Mentorship

    We have Supreme Court lawyers and DU faculty members associated with our full time mentorship. Prepare with the best faculty who ensure to make your score grow.

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    Trusted Testing Tools

    Enroll in our test series and get check your progress regularly.

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    Most Reliable Results

    Our testimonies promulgate our results. So get down and get ready to scribble your success story with us.

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