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  • Course Commencement : 09.04.2019 | Course End : 07.01.2020
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What you get as part of CE’s JEE Main Coaching Classes?

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    Doubt Resolution

    Here, none of your academic doubts will remain unresolved. Periodic doubt classes provide a 1 on 1 interaction for students to improve on their weak areas

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    Smart Study Material

    Carefully curated and scientifically prepared study material to ensure comprehension of even the most difficult topics. The focus is on the explanation of core application of the concept using carefully chosen question with the stepwise solution.

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    Faculty Experts

    All classes are conducted by a team of highly experienced, very competent full-time faculty members selected after a systematic & objective selection and training process; guiding students throughout their academic studies.

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    Board Preparation

    A carefully designed curriculum which ensures that students have a great grasp over the fundamentals, helping them with their Boards along with the competitive exams.

Learn from Best Teachers

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    Rajan Aggarwal

    (Faculty (Physics) )

  • 1568180758.jpg

    Amit Singh

    (Faculty (Higher Mat )

  • 1568181250.jpg

    Himanshu Gupta

    (Faculty (Mathematic )

  • 1568181318.jpg

    Avinash Singh

    (Faculty (English) )

Ask a Query

No question will remain unanswered. No doubts will remain unresolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose CE’s CTET Coaching Classes?

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    Get Taught by Best Faculties

    Our tutors were in your shoes and were able to achieve your goals not by studying harder but by studying smarter

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    Most Trusted Results

    Clear Exam has been quite consistent with its performance when it comes to producing achievers.

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    Mentored by Founders

    Our faculty is always willing to clear doubts of students even individually and our focus is better resulting through conceptual clarity and constant support.

Join Clear Exam’s JEE Main Coaching Classes to ace JEE Main and other engineering entrance exams

Tailored made-programmes focused on aggressive preparation for the JEE Main, JEE Advanced, and other engineering entrance exams.

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