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About CTSE


CTSE is a big-time opportunity to all the aspiring candidates who want to make their mark in life and are prepared for sheer hard work.We believe that no talent should go waste merely because of financial constraints.  The rewards offered through CTSE are meant not only to aid the student financially, but also pump up their morale and motivate them to give their best shot at all times.

CLEAR EXAM through CTSE aims to identify and nurture the hidden potential by providing a strong support system all throughout the student’s preparation period.

CTSE offers a comprehensive analysis of the student’s capabilities and helps them in paving a path to their dream career. CTSE is a golden chance for the student to get an awareness about his/her strengths and weaknesses, and work upon them through a highly result oriented program in a carefully curated conducive environment. 



About Clear Exam

CLEAR EXAM focuses on imparting high quality education to its students. We nurture the young minds and help them hone the skills required to achieve their dream career. We at Clear Exam focus on imparting the best possible quality education to our students, nurturing the young minds and helping them shape up their skills to achieve their dream career.

Inception of Clear Exam

CLEAR MANTRA (SUCCESS MANTRA) had its origination by Mr.Rajan.Aggarwal (FOUNDER) in 2011. Prior to this, his interactions with the IIT JEE and medical aspirants while teaching them made him realize that he immensely enjoyed teaching. His flair of problem-solving with utmost ease, soon became his passion.

In 2014, Mr Akanksha Jain (CO-FOUNDER), pooled in her expertise and efforts and the duo set out to achieve their common goal of providing the students with the most feasible coaching without compromising on the quality of tutelage.

What started as a compelling desire has now flourished into a full fledged establishment. CLEAR EXAM has maintained its progressive success years through the years which passed by. Still every year CLEAR EXAM sets new benchmarks for itself. Combined with the efforts of its teaching faculty and management, it aims to make its mark as a foremost name in quality training for IIT-JEE and Medical Entrance Examinations.

Our Value system

Our foundation is set in stone on 5 pillars.

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    Risk taking

    Great, otherwise unforeseen opportunities often come from risk-taking. Morphing every possible slipping stone into a stepping stone is a sign of courage and commitment to one’s goals in life.

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    Our openness is a sign of trust-building and your faith is the outcome we crave for. We ensure that accountability and transparency runs in the veins of our institute.

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    We take the ownership of every facet we dive in. CLEAR EXAM has a very healthy nature of ownership; from owning a resolution to closure of any agreement, from accepting responsibility of the rare hiccup to supporting and mentoring new staff members.

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    Honesty is a trait. But for CLEAR EXAM it is the pillar which makes us the most reliable coaching institute. Integrity, truthfulness, straightforwardness are the paramount importance of Clear Exam.

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    Innovation is the key to our success. We solve every Pandora’s box by thinking out of the box and bringing subsequent logical closure to the ideas. From creating products and services that will help in improving the effectiveness of organization in the need of serving our students better.

Our Offerings

Clear Exam (Success Mantra) offers an exhaustive range of courses to help students realise their goals.
Ranging from classroom coaching to online tutorials, each course has been sculpted with a keen eye to cater to the different requirements of the students, as per their convenience.

The Success Mantra

We have an experienced set of faculty members along with a fully fledged Faculty Training Department (FTD). The purpose of FTD is to polish on every aspect of teaching. Regular feedback from students are taken into serious consideration. We also have a completely dedicated course development team, which keeps on updating our courseware as well as Test Series.

Focusing on the Base of the Pyramid

Besides providing our intensive one year and two year classroom programs for engineering and medical, we also provide foundation courses for the students of Class 9th and Class 10th who are in their formative stages of entrance preparation.

Total Success Approach

Our courses are designed in such a manner that they prepare the students holistically to crack all the exams such as Class 10th and 12th boards, KVPY, Olympiads, NTSE etc apart from JEE, NEET or AIIMS.

“ Whatever we say, we do…Whatever we do, we say.”

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